Conference Schedule

Registration and Check-in (9:00-9:45)
Location: McMicken 26
Coffee and pastries from Shadeau Breads
Session 1 (10:00-11:00 am)

1.A. Creating Access for Under-represented Students
Location: McMicken 27
Chair: Kelly Blewett

  • “Telling Stories and Helping Under-represented Students Gain Access to the Healthcare Profession”- Shirley E. Faulker-Springfield, Bowling Green State University
  • “Struggling to Focus: Personal Portrayals of Accessing the Writing Process with ADHD”- Christiane Boehr, University of Cincinnati
  • “Adolescent Girls’ Conceptions of the Free Online Math Tutor Khan Academy” Poster Presentation” – Lori A. Cargile, University of Cincinnati

1.B. Kanye West’s Redefining and Confounding of Access in Capitalist Culture
Location: McMicken 47
Chair: Dr. Julius Bailey, Professor of Philosophy at Wittenberg University

  • ShaDawn Battle, University of Cincinnati
  • Dalitso Ruwe, Project HIP HOP
  • Adam Schueler, AmeriCorps VISTA

1.C. Individuality and Access
Location: McMicken 46
Chair: Linwood Rumney

  • “Gender Bending: How Female Gamers Access Masculinity in Online Gaming”-  Jennifer Zellner, University of Cincinnati
  • “Access to Girlhood” – Juila Koets, University of Cincinnati
  • “The Regional Campus Athlete: Marginalization and Motivation”- Lucy B. Manley,  Miami University
Break (11:00-11:10 am)
Session 2 (11:10 am-12:30 pm)

2.A Literature and Access
Location: McMicken 47
Chair: Niven Abdel-Hamid

  • “Accessing Humane Education in the Undergraduate Literature Classroom:  Reading Disgrace and The Unbearable Lightness of Being in the Feminist Ethic-of-care Tradition” – Lindsey Kurz, University of Cincinnati
  • “‘But what happened to my Doctor?’: An Exploration of New Media Borders in Fan Communities for Doctor Who” – Nicolas Rivera, University of Cincinnati
  • “Persuasion from the Pulpit: Accessing the Spiritual through Reason in George MacDonald’s Paul Faber, Surgeon” – Simon Workman, University of Cincinnati
  • • “Resistance of Bodies and Spaces in Harriet Jacob’s Incidents and Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig” – Orrieann Florius, Howard University

2.B. Accessing Visual and Public Spaces
Location: McMicken 46
Chair: Daniel Dale

  • “Politics of Access in Kuwait’s National Assembly” – Mae Al-Ansari, University of Cincinnati
  • “Certain Half-Deserted Streets: Encouraging Access to Local Spaces” –  Kristen Race, University of Cincinnati
  • • “Iranian Public Squares: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” – S. Ladan Zarabadi, University of Cincinnati
  • • “No Longer At Ease: Housing Access and Elitism in Post-colonial Nigeria” – Amy Latessa, University of Cincinnati
Lunch 12:30-1:30 pm (on your own)
Keynote Roundtable Discussion (1:35-2:30 pm)

Location: McMicken 43
Chair: Carla Sarr

  • Christina Black—Program Specialist, Gen-1 Theme House
  • Ayça Mazman—President, Graduate Student Governance Association
  • Deborah Meem—Department Head, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Christine Mok—Assistant Professor, English and Modern Languages
  • Stephanie Sadre-Orafai—Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Break (2:30-2:40 pm)
Session 3 (2:40-3:40 pm)

3.A. Expanding Black Women’s Access to Personal Narratives
Location: McMicken 46
Chair: Heather Williams

  • “Comfortable is Comforting: Tara’s Story” – D. Hunter Coward, University of Alabama
  • “Slaying the Queer Monster: Dominque’s Story” – Michael L. Forst, University of Alabama
  • “I Love Me, I Love Me Not: Hope’s Story” – Jasmine N. Perkins, University of Alabama

3. B. Access and the Composition Classroom
Location: McMicken 47
Chair: Christina LaVecchia

  • “‘Do We Take them Seriously?’: A Look at Pedagogical Opportunities Presented by Student First-day Samples” – Kelly Blewett, University of Cincinnati
  • “Implementing a Cyber-Feminist Pedagogy in First Year Composition Classrooms: Navigating Resistance and Enabling Transformation” – Vinamarata “Winnie” Kaur, University of Cincinnati
  • “Accessing Skills: Assisting Military Veteran Students in the Traditional Composition Classroom” – Meredith Singleton, University of Cincinnati
Break (3:40-3:50 pm)
Session 4 (3:50-4:50 pm)

4.A. Pedagogical Strategies for Access
Location: McMicken 47
Chair: Janine Morris

  • “Collaborating toward Concrete Pedagogical Strategies for Accessibility” – Christina LaVecchia, University of Cincinnati
  • “Adolescent Girls’ Conceptions of the Free Online Math Tutor Khan Academy” – Lori A. Cargile, University of Cincinnati
  •  “Accessing the ‘I’ in Writer: Metacognition and Liberatory Teaching” – Amy Ratto Parks, University of Montana

4.B. Globalizing Access
Location: McMicken 46
Chair: Jessica Brown

  • “Once Upon a Time: Storytelling to Gain Support for Medical Programs” – Sherri H. Hoffman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • “How Anthropocentric Discourse Limits Access to Global Climate Change Studies” – Alexis F. Piper, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • “Access Me! The Many Faces of Un-Wellness—A Staged Reading” – Maggie Davenport, University of Cincinnati

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